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No More Gimmicks!

I have to wonder why so many companies have so many ways of giving you money back.  Is it because American consumerism has become a deaf, dumb and blind money spewer, following the latest marketing cash-back bullshit gimmicks?  Doesn’t the offer of cash back mean the price of their products and services is overpriced to begin with?   Why don’t they just reduce their prices and be honest about the product/service costs?

Grocery coupons, new car cash-back deals, credit card offers of 1-2-3% cash back.  Rotating specials, bar code scanned key fobs to get the (lower) displayed price at drug stores.   Where does it end?

Demand honest pricing.  Make the companies change their stupid reward tactics and instead just lower their prices to begin with.  Don’t play the games!

Vote with your business.  Vote with your dollars.  Choose the companies and products and services that do business the way you want.